Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens: Romantic date at the movies

Actually, stars are like everybody else: There’s nothing better than catching a movie on a Sunday evening, right? So Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens thought. The couple headed to a movie theater on Hollywood to watch James Cameron latest sensation: “Avatar” –the sci-fi movie that in just two weeks has made $1 billion worldwide.

They seemed to love the film, as this would be the second time they see it. Last week the couple took Vanessa’s little sister to watch it for the first time.

The couple welcomed the New Year celebrating a fabulous party at their Los Angeles home with more than 500 guests. No wonder, after a couple of days partying like the rock stars they are, they wanted to take it easy on a lazy Sunday, enjoying Cameron’s super production.

Efron is about to star on a movie called “Orson Welles and me”, where the heartthrob plays a young actor who scores a role on “Julius Caesar” in Broadway. It will be released in United States by this Summer.

Interesting enough, Zac Efron always has named Leo di Caprio as his main inspiration and a role model: “He is the best barometer for me. It’s amazing to see actors who have been able to sustain this for so long and keep positive, still focused on the work, still trying to make their best film.”

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