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Jennifer Lopez Hustlers Oscars Drama – Who Was Wrong?


Jennifer Lopez should have won an Oscar for her performance, don't you agree? Well, here's why some disliked the Hustlers, and why JLO was furious.

We all watched the Hustlers last year, featuring our
two favorite divas Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez, right? The movie made millions
and was very talked-about among people, critics, and JLO's and Cardi's
colleagues. However, the Academy voters gave JLO cold shoulders, here's why
this might have happened.

divas Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez

JLO played Ramona, a stripper who is ''hustling''
trying to find her way. People loved the movie, and it seemed like JLO was
going to get the Oscar for her acting. However, the award went to Laura Dern,
and JLO had a lot of comments.

''Hustlers'' didn't pull off the award-season rebrand.
Their box-office did hit more than $100 million domestically, but they didn't
get too much traction for the season.

Is this the reason why they've completely ignored JLO?

jennifer lopez Hustlers movie

What are your
opinions, and did you also see this movie?

  • A) I saw it and I loved it, JLO should have won the Oscar!
  • B) I did see it, but I believe there were some other amazing movies, which also gained more money.
  • C) I didn't watch it at all, so I can't judge it.

Please use the comments box below to give your opinion

Khloe Kardashian Celebrating Christmas With Her Cheating Ex – Good Decision, Or Not?

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan have been one of the most
talked-about topics in 2019. And now Khloe does this?! No one saw it coming.

We all know about the drama between Khloe Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend Tristan, do we?

Just to remind you, Tristan cheated multiple times on
the reality TV-star and has had no shame doing it again with Kylie's best
friend, Jordyn Woods.

Fans were shocked after Khloe posted a couple of pictures celebrating Christmas with her family and letting everyone know that Tristan was also there! The couple took a photo with their daughter, True, and even made a couple of comments.

Khloe herself tweeted: “2019 is almost over and all I
gotta say is what the hell was that.” Moments later she also posted: ”Our
generation thinks it's COOL NOT TO CARE. It's not. Effort is cool. Caring is
cool. Staying loyal is cool. Try it out.”

Khloe is obviously still bothered with all the
scandals, and she never truly forgave Tristan. Or did she?

What are your thoughts on this drama? Do you think

A) Them two celebrating Christmas was a good move which will bring them closer together.

B) Khloe should stay away from Tristan since once a
cheater, always a cheater.

Let us know your comments in the section down below!

10 Celebrities that never grow old! This is awesome!

Some may use botox, some surgery, but some others we do not explain ourselves how the flying F's they keep themselves so well, they even got us into thinking that they may have found the source of eternal youth somewhere... like seriously..

In these pictures you will be able to compare these 10 celebrities that never grow old or age. We have called them the Vampires of Hollywood!

Check it out and you tell us!

Seasonal Women’s Leather Jackets

Seasonal Leather Jackets

Seasonal Leather Jackets If you have confidence in what you wear, then fashion is your strongest strength. The majority of the people think a lot when it comes to choosing an outerwear. The doubt of the color suiting their personality or the pattern looking beautiful on them is always there.

It does not take rocket science to find out that women are more self-conscious about fashion than men are. As soon as they see the outfit that is creating headlines in fashion, they are the first ones to check. Outfits from dresses to extraordinary casual wear, they are more than willing to try it on. In magazines, fashion shows, and style channels, every single kind and type of outfits is put on show. It is an excellent guide for those looking to keep up with fashion.

Moreover, the outfits that they look for are seasonal outerwear. Since the world of fashion is evolving day by day, and the designers are bringing fresh and innovative ideas forward, it does attract many people. Each season, the outfits keep getting better and better. The colors, patterns, cut, designs, etc. is made sure to compliment the season by their makers.

Women outfits have more variety and vibrancy when it comes to seasonal wears. From formal dresses to casual shirts and jackets, these designer outfits are every girl’s dream. However, of course, it is hard to get because of its price. Nevertheless, there is one type of outerwear women wear commonly these days. That outfit is leather jackets.

Seasonal Leather Jackets These leather jackets can are worn in any season. There was a time when leather jackets were thought to be the ideal outfit for bikers and winter season. However, things have changed and now in every season, including summer, leather jackets are worn. Now for some that sounds a bit absurd but leather jackets can be worn in the summer too.

Leather jackets are the new trends that are making the women go wild. Ultimately, it is convenient outerwear, which can be worn as often as you wish. The fact that the durability of the jackets depends on the quality of the leather, but with proper care it won’t look like the jacket is old. Since it comes in everyone’s favorite colors with stunning designs, women are tempted to buy them. From slim-fitting to unique cuts, there is an enormous variety of jackets. Every season, the outfits keep getting better and grander. The designers, who are young, come up with the most outstanding outerwear that gives the experience designers a run for their money.

The colors of spring, winter, summer and autumn is nicely incorporated in these jackets. Although it might be expensive, they are worth it. Designers always use the very best of materials and accessories to make sure it looks stunning on the person wearing it. If you are having trouble purchasing because of the limited budget, it is best to order from an online store. As the world evolves so does the tech. Everywhere is upgrading and it’s going solid.


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About Me: My Name is Ana Riley and I’m a Content Writer for Novafashions.com. Studied Fashion and obtained master degree from it. It’s been two years for me writing content, searching different trends and majority I write about fashion. Also photography is my hobby and I do take some clicks a lot whenever I attend to any fashion events.


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