Who’s Leona Lewis’ star crush?

Gorgeous singer Leona Lewis has opened up for the British edition of In Style magazine.

The ‘Bleeding Love’ hitmaker confessed that had a thing for Taylor Lautner –the Twilight star- “I was obsessed for a while.”

She also confronts rumors about her reputation as a diva: “I don’t think I’m demanding! I think it’s okay to ask how you want your food cooked. People just dramatize everything.”

The 25-year-old artist also talked about her fashion preferences: “I still love my big ballgowns with a kind of twist to them, but I also like Vivienne Westwood because she’s kind of punky and does really nice shapes for ladies. I like Antonio Berardi because I like his shapes too. And William Tempest. And I like Stella McCartney because she’s got a vegetarian range.”

Interesting enough, the artist just got her second tattoo, which is supposed to be a tribute to horses. Her boyfriend Lou Al-Chamaa does just not love it: “Lou was a bit annoyed at first,” Leona said. “I guess the tattoo is a bit weird but then I’m a bit weird, so that’s OK.”

Leona works hard to keep her private life outside the spotlight: “I definitely keep myself secret. I went on a show watched by millions, but I had no desire to be famous, and I still don’t. Unless you talk to me every day, you’re not really going to get a sense of me.”

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