Who would be Taylor Swift hottest rebound?

The break-up between Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhall was something we didn’t see it coming. According to close sources, it was all Jake’s decision and the age gap along with the paparazzi attention were major reasons for him to just break the relationship off.

Taylor is devastated. (We heart you girl!). Ok, now she might need some “pity party” for a couple of days -some crying and ice-cream…

However, you know how it works: “To get over someone, you have to get under someone else.”

So that, it is time to look for the hottest rebound ever: Who do you think Taylor should hook-up with?

Here you have some suggestions:

Zac Efron: The Disney prince is currently single. His career is as hot as Taylor’s and they would look super cute together.  Obviously Vanessa Hudgens wouldn’t feel great about it.

Taylor Lautner: Yes, they have been dating, but we loved that couple, and it would be really nice if they decide to give it another shot, don’t you think?

Ryan Reynolds: He recently separated from Scarlett Johansson. It would be a nice match for Taylor. She would have to compete with Sandra Bullock though. Who do you think Ryan would prefer Taylor over Sandra?

Do you have any more suggestions? Let’s help Taylor out!

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