What are celebrities doing at home during the lockdown?


Due to the existed lockdown around the globe, everyone has to keep his/her activities limited to the home. So that all the celebrities are busy doing their home chores. It is a fantastic situation. Celebrities have interesting routines at home and all their fans want to know about it!

Eva Longoria


She is playing a popular game. She wears stunning outfits and looks stylish during playtime.

Cara Santana


She is wearing beautiful and trendier outfits daily. She displays pictures with refreshing drinks.

Taylor Swift


She is uploading wow images on Instagram to enhance the fellows. She is looking fresh.

Vanessa Hughan


She intends to show workouts at home. Here, she is giving a powerful message.

Chiarra Firangi


She had the birthday during the quarantine. She managed it alone with the cool outfit for her.

Cindy Crawford


Here, at home, she is giving her the tag name f blue jeans baby. Great choice!

Jamie Lee


The cute star is displaying a cute image from the kitchen life with excellent eyeglasses.

Kim Kardashian


Here, she goes with a bold and hot image at home to say HI to followers on Instagram.



She danced around, at home so she may have some participatory time with contacts.

Ramona Singer


One may catch her indecent dressing with expensive shoe wear at home. Sounds decent!

Lily Aldridge


She is scrolling in the garden in the sun at home. She is wearing a crisp black and white outfit.

Karlie Kloss


She uploaded a fresh image at home. She uploaded it a late-night, but still, it was stunning.

Camella Coelho


She is doing workouts at home as she wants to stay slim and healthy. That’s great!

Busy Phillips


She is spending a good time with nature at home. The serene sunset added to the glory in the image.

Eva Longoria

Stars-At-Home-Eva-Longoria (1)

She is depicting a bossy attitude by uploading boss kind of images and looking Demanding!

Demi Lovato


She is looking busy and cozy at home and maybe taking extra hours of rest!

Jenna Devan


Luckily the woman got extra hours to cuddle the newly born at home. She is having a better time.

Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum

Life is delightful with nature, and she is enjoying better hours in the sun at home.

Vanessa Hudgens


Sun is also a blessing, and she is planning a better time in the sun at home.

Bethenny Frankel


She is spending some dull time at home with food and dresses!

Victoria Justice


She is ideally learning to do home chores, such as washing the dishes in the kitchen.

Emma Roberts


She is enjoying the off days, especially Sunday with the stunning dressing with jeans.

Selena Gomez


She is offering recording services at her home studio. She is doing work from home nicely.

Olivia Culpo


She is involved in dropping decent messages on the internet for the viewers so they may be safe.

Miranda Cosgrove


She is also feeling safe. She keeps on sharing cool selfies for the visitors to keep in touch with them.

Nicky Hilton Rothschild


She is uploading the fascinating and stunning images to share the hues of happiness and love.

Ashley Tisdale


She is staying fresh. Her images were found to be decent and straightforward.

Gabrielle Union


She is involved in the advertisement for joggers and brands. Most of the images narrated the message.

Elsa Hosk


She is planning to stay smart and healthy. So, her main focus is orange and other juices.

Devon Windsor


She is having wow time with the vines and food entertainment.

Lena Dunham


She is nowhere behind from others. She was caught in a trendier dress image with a cute dog.

Hailee Steinfeld


She is curious about safety. She is displaying conscious images for information related to safety.



Indeed, she is taking more from the sunbath. Here she is focused on the sun.

January Jones


She is sending romantic red images on Instagram. She is kissing the sun with full zeal and zest.

Andy Cohen


He is going to manage to brand. The trendier picture with the tie suit without a pant is crisp.

Olivia Munn


She is trying to try her trendy and cool tie and dye dresses with a silky touch.

Molly Sims


No doubt, she is doing a hard job dedicatedly. She is managing to give work from home.

Carra Santana


She sent a message with work, business on top quarantine at the bottom.

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