Watch Video of Justin Bieber Get Processed in Jail!

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We’re back at discussing Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest.

The singer is out on bail these days, being busy doing other rude and crazy stuff like harassing a flight attendant and smoking so much pot that the pilots of his private jet have to wear oxygen masks. Also let’s not forget that he’s looking for venues to get baptized again .

In the wake of all that, a video of Bieber getting processed by the police following his arrest in Miami last month, has surfaced online. In the clip,  the ‘Baby‘ singer can be seen taking of his shoes and shirt so an officer can search him as part of the booking process. Watch below!

In case you’re wondering what will happen in regards to Bieber’s arrest for DUI, driving with an expired license, and resisting arrest, the superstar has an initial trial date as of March 3rd.

If you are wondering how Bieber is getting ready for his trial date, he’s not worried. The singer recently partied with music’s biggest names, Diddy, Jermaine Dupri, and Rick Ross, and proudly posted photos on his Instagram.

Justin has his hands in a prayer in one of the photos, to show his respect to the artists’ surrounding him.

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