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Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima tells us her beauty secrets! All the details here!

Not only is she one of the top 5 best paid models in the industry, she is a real woman that works hard every day to become better and better and all this because of her daughters!


Adriana recently became a single mom, and even though her whole aura oozes this magical and even angelical energy, she is a very down to earth mother and woman.

The Brazilian model for Spanish designer firm Desigual  opened up the runway for 080 Barcelona Fashion with her contagious smile, but hurting inside for her separation from Marko Jaric, the light of her life is now exclusively dedicated to her daughters Valentina and Sienna.

Exclusive... Adriana Lima & Marko Jaric Attend Their Daughter's Christmas Play
I know you’re waiting for the super secret to stay HOT like this MILF , this mother of two super sexy model said this about her tips to stay on point:

“I do boxing. I’ve been training for over 10 years now, and i try to do it at least 3 times per week. Diet is also important, but i confess that lately I’ve been eating a pretty unhealthy lately ( giggles)…
However, i think that what keeps me in shape are my daughters, they have so much energy, it is incredible! and i spend half of my day running after them all over the house. Having these two girls has been a blessing!
I think women need these hormones we generate when we become mothers. I look more beautiful, even more than before i had my kids… my body may not be way better but my face.
I’ve changed for better, grown and started to set my priorities in the correct order with the things that matter the most. The result is me becoming more focused and stronger.”

So bottom line what’s Adriana’s secret:

“The secret it’s in Brasil. Sensuality and beauty depends on attitude, at least for me. The way you look is important but in a lower percentage. Depends a lot more in being at peace with yourself and being positive and even accepting your flaws… that’s sexy!”

There you have it girls, and why not guys. It is all evolving on the attitude you put into yourself and how positve you are, how much you accept yourself!”

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