Top 10 half-times in Super Bowl history (Part 1)

Who doesn’t love Super Bowl? If the team of your dreams didn’t make it this year, don’t worry, you can still enjoy the commercials and of course the half time shows.

Sports Illustrated has narrowed down the top 10 best performances of the Super Bowl: the most compelling and powerful musical appearances that rock the half-time breaks. Let’s check them out:

10. Super Bowl I  University of Arizona, Grambling State marching bands
We came a long way since the very first half time show, but it’s good to remember how it all began. At that time it wasn’t even called Super Bowl.
9.Super Bowl XXII
Chubby Checker and The Rockettes
In 1988, Chubby Checker was joined by the Rockettes and 88 grand pianos for a halftime extravaganza that would set the stage for bigger recording acts in the years to follow.
8. Super Bowl XL
The Rolling Stones
Stone’s trademark tongue logo invaded the stage and Jagger,62 at the time, rocked the audience with classic songs like “Start Me Up” and “Rough Justice”. As ABC introduced de 5 second delay, censors cut lines of those songs.
7. Super Bowl XXX
Diana Ross
The diva performed “Take me Higher” from a helicopter, how cool is that?
6. Super Bowl XXXV
Aerosmith, ‘N Sync, Britney Spears and Nelly
MTV productions made it happen: the worlds of rock, pop and hip-hop collided to deliver the most remarkable stravaganza.

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