Taylor Swift sweetest revenge to mean guys

The lovely Taylor Swift is certainly at the top of her game. She just received four Grammy awards and next week her new movie “Valentine’s Day” is released on Theaters. On the love department, she can’t complain either:

Apparently she and Taylor Lautner –they actually met on the set of Valentine’s Day- called it quits almost a  month ago, and rumor has it that Swift and rocker John Mayer are more than just friends.

But be careful guys, she plans to write about mean guys on her upcoming record:
“Writing for my record is like opening up my diary for the last two years, so we’ll see what it says. It’s not over yet,” she told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “(Guys will have to watch out) if they do questionable, mean or bad things.”

She also revealed the moment that she’s going through as she has to digest all the attention and success that she was getting during the last year:

“It’s been so great, I just had some time off over the last couple of weeks to reflect on everything and think how lucky I have been over the year, and I’ve been writing a lot for the next album,” she told Pop Tarts. “As I am looking back I’m always in the present and I’m looking forward at the same time.” 

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