Kesha Completes Rehab, Feels ‘Healthy & Working on Tons of New Music’



Kesha has completed her two-months rehab treatment for an eating disorder.

The ‘Die Young‘ singer announced her return on Thursday via Twitter. She tweeted “meow” along with a photo of herself looking out the window plane, followed by a series of tweets about her health and future plans.

Happy to be back! Feeling healthy & working on tons of new music I can’t thank my fans enough for all the love & support u have given me“, she tweeted.

She added “life is beautiful. I’m so blessed to have u all“.

The 27 years-old songstress has also changed her Twitter handle. She used to have @keshasuxx and now she is using her real name Kesha Rose. The “$” is also gone from her name. This can only mean good things.

Kesha Rose leaves rehab

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Ke$ha Postpones Spring Tour, Stays in Rehab

Kesha postpones spring tour


We have more news from Ke$ha (Kesha), one month after she entered rehab for eating disorder.

The ‘Die Young‘ songstress has released a statement saying that she had decided to postpone her spring tour in order to complete treatment. Good decision.

I was so looking forward to performing at these dates but I need to follow my doctor’s advice and get my health back on track,” Kesha announced on Tuesday (February 4).

She added “All of your support during this time has been so amazing. I couldn’t have done this without you all. I look forward to coming back stronger than ever on the next tour.”

As previously reported, the superstar checked into a rehab facility to receive treatment for her eating disorder. Her mother, Pebe Sebert, checked into the same facility to be by her daughter, after revealing that the singer “almost died” because of the eating disorder.

Kesha updated fans on her condition via Twitter, at the end of January.

What do you think of Ke$ha’s decision?

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Ke$ha Updates Fans From Rehab: ‘I’m overwhelmed to tears by all of the love’



Looks like all the love and support fans have been sending Ke$ha as she’s getting treated for an eating disorder in rehab have been working their magic because the singer took to Twitter to update on her improving condition.

On Tuesday night, a friend of the ‘Timber‘ superstar tweeted: “This is Kesha’s friend. She asked me to tweet an update for her because she doesn’t have access to twitter right now.”

She says “THANK YOU. SOOO MUCH. I’m overwhelmed to tears by all of the love, letters, and support!! I’ll be back soon and better than ever,” she added.

Kesha’s friend then went on to say how happy the singer is that hew duet with Pitbull is still number 1 in the charts: “ohhh and she can’t believe Timber is still number one! “Fck YEAH animals! PARTY ON!!!!”

Hours later, the friend returned with a special request: more human teeth for the singer’s collection.

Hey guys this is K’s friend again. She’s doing well and needs more of your teeth to make art with at the treatment center. She misses you 🙂“.

Aside from the rehab update, the singer has been pretty quiet about entering the facility for eating disorder. Her mom however, has been talking to the media non-stop, accusing Kesha’s former manager and producer of weight bullying her daughter.

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Ke$ha’s Mom on Her Daughter’s Eating Disorder: ‘She almost died’

Ke$ha rehab


As you know, Ke$ha (Kesha) has voluntarily checked herself into rehab for an eating disorder at the beginning of January. As the singer gets help for her problems, her mom Pebe Sebert is giving interview after interview in an attempt to shed more light on what’s going on with her daughter and how she ended up in this situation.

Sebert revealed to PEOPLE that weight bullying nearly caused Ke$ha her life and that it was a “miracle she hadn’t already dropped dead on stage.”

I’ve watched my beautiful, self-confident, brilliant daughter be berated and ridiculed for her looks and weight to the point that she almost died. The doctors told me her blood pressure and sodium levels were so low, they’d never seen it that low except with someone who’d had a heart attack or stroke. They said it was a miracle she hadn’t already dropped dead on stage,” the worried mom revealed.

The woman went on to say that the 26-years-old superstar had been battling body issues since middle school, but that the whole thing aggravated once she signed with Dr. Luke and former manager David Sonenberg. This isn’t the first time Kesha’s mom has accused the famous producer of weight bullying her daughter. She previously said that “he has just always been very disrespectful about her weight. He’d say it in certain ways, like ‘Why don’t you try running?’ She was doing everything and not getting thin fast enough, and that’s when she first became bulimic.”

One time on a conference call, Sonenberg was screaming, ‘You need to lose weight! I don’t care what you do … take drugs, not eat, stick your finger down your throat!’“, she said.

Pebe added “Ke$ha was just weeping. She drove around afterward thinking about killing herself.”

Sonenberg and Dr. Luke denied the accusations.

Ke$ha at 2013 AMA

Sebert also went on to say that the decision to enter rehab came before Christmas, when the singer pulled over at a gas station to throw up after having dinner. “She called me and admitted how much she’d been throwing up, and I just said, ‘Okay.’ I called some centers and Ke$ha agreed to talk to them and liked what they said. She basically cried until we got there three days later.”

At this point, she doesn’t care if she ever makes a record again. She just wants to be healthy and happy,” Kesha’s mom added.

This all sounds very bad. Really hope Ke$ha gets all the help she needs and emerges happy and healthy.

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Ke$ha Enters Rehab For Eating Disorder



Ke$ha has entered rehab to receive treatment for her eating disorder, TMZ reports.

Starting Friday (Dec. 3rd), the ‘Warrior‘ singer will be staying at the Timberline Knolls, outside of Chicago, the same rehab facility Demi Lovato stayed at to get help for her eating disorder and other struggles back in 2010-2011.

Announcing her struggle, Ke$ha released the following statement: “I’m a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself, but I’ve found it hard to practice. I’ll be unavailable for the next 30 days, seeking treatment for my eating disorder…to learn to love myself again, exactly as I am.”

If you think about it, there were signs of Ke$ha‘s struggle. I remember seeing her much thinner, all of the sudden. Her whole image changed. She went from being the wild child to sexy popstar showing off her newly thin figure. So clearly she had some issue with the way she looked before and maybe went overboard trying to change her looks.

Hope she gets the help she needs and exits rehab loving herself again exactly as she is.

Ke$ha eating disorder Ke$ha rehabKe$ha at 2013 AMA

Are you shocked to hear about Ke$ha’s eating disorder and rehab entrance?

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