Robert Pattison dreams to have his own Antiques Show

Robert Pattison is one of the sexiest actors out there, there’s no question about it. He’s proven to be also a smart kid, who still is humble and down-to-earth, despite the massive international fame achieved because of this role of vampire Edward Cullen on the saga Twilight.

Now, Pattinson has recently revealed that he has a plan B in case the acting thing doesn’t work for him anymore: the British actor would love to have his own Antiques show: “I don’t think there was a kid back home who didn’t watch Antiques Roadshow with their parents on a Sunday night… I used to love it, I think secretly every kid did, but it’s not the coolest thing to admit.”

He continues: “I would love to be presenting the show when some little old dear from Burnley (in Lancashire, England) comes in with a genuine Picasso or Rembrandt worth £5 million.”

Do you think that Robert Pattinson would do a good job hosting the show? I bet it would be one of the most viewed TV shows ever.

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