Paul Walker To Be Replaced By Brother Cody in “Fast & Furious 7”?

Paul Walker takes a photo with his brothers Cody and Caleb at the premiere of "Fast & Furious".


As Paul Walker was laid to rest in a private funeral this weekend, new rumors regarding his role in the latest installment of “Fast & Furious” emerge.

Daily Mail reports that Paul‘s younger brother, Cody Walker (see him on the left in the above photo) has been asked to reprise the role of Brian O’Connor in “Fast & Furious 7“.

Cody, a 25-years-old movie stuntman, was reportedly approached for the role thanks of his resemblance to Paul.

Producers had a string of meetings right after Paul’s death.They soon realized they needed someone who looked like Paul to finish the movie and that’s when they approached his nearly identical brother, Cody,” a source claims.

The insider also explained how the producers plan to make this work: “They can shoot Cody from behind and at distance and if it’s a shot they need Paul’s face in close up they can CGI it later on.”

If Cody agrees it’s because he wants to honor his brother’s memory. There are many details that still need to be worked out, but right now the family and cast and crew are all still grieving,” the unnamed source concluded.

As previously reported, Universal pushed back the filming of “Fast & Furious 7” after the tragic death of Walker.

Last week, THR reported that screenwriter Chris Morgan is currently working on finding a suitable way to “retire” Paul’s character using already shoot scenes.

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Paul Walker and brother Cody

Do you think Cody Walker would make a good replacement for Paul in ‘Fast & Furious 7’?

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