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Miley Cyrus Calls Paparazzi ‘Disgusting Pigs’

It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus is no fan of the paparazzi.

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The ‘Morning Sun‘ hitmaker expressed her dislike one again via Twitter, this time she seemed more upset than ever.

“I hate paparazzi with a passion. disgusting pigs. (no offense to pigs”, Miley tweeted.

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Other than a possible incident with the paparazzi, the songstress seemed to be enjoying a great week so far and even advised fans to live healthy:

“putting that positive Monday energy out there… LET’S BE SUPER HEALTHY THIS WEEK. that’s my focus”

“everyone should pick up some super healthy snacks this week, maybe give
up a vice, only give your energy to positive people in your life!

What do you think of the feud between Miley Cyrus and the paparazzi?

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