Michael Jackson’s son rumored to have vitiligo,

Michael Jackson was repeatedly berated by media and fans for “bleaching his skin” and using skin whitening cream, even after he claimed to have a skin condition called vitiligo which caused his skin to have white splotches in it. Because of this, the singer stated that he would lighten the surrounding skin to match. But many were doubtful of this mysterious condition, just as many are doubtful as to whether or not Jackson actually fathered his children, Prince Michael, Blanket, and Paris.

When photos of the older Jackson son were circulated, showing shite splotches of skin under his arms, the rumors began to fly, however. The questions are being raised, “Does this prove Michael, did indeed have vitiligo, and if so, then doesn’t that mean that Prince Michael has to be his?”

According to Dr. Doris Day, an attending dermatologist, this is not necessarily the case. “Getting vitiligo because a parent has it could happen,” she said. “But it’s not necessarily a direct correlation.” It is not always an inherited disorder, apparently, Parent can pass down the likelihood of getting an autoimmune disorder, but it could be any autoimmune disorder. And it is not contagious.

The disorder also usually starts around the mouth, or backs of the hands, in early adolescence or adulthood, which makes the age right, but the location wrong. “You don’t typically see it starting in that spot,” she said. But then again, who is to say that is where it started?

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