Melania is counting to divorce Trump as he leaves the Whitehouse

Melania is counting to divorce Trump as he leaves the Whitehouse

The election in America has just passed away and Donald Trump is facing many problems including the loss in the election. But even during the election and during his Presidency he was having a problem with his wife.  According to the ex-aide of Melania Trump, She was sleeping in one room and Donald Trump was sleeping in another room in the White House. 

The weird body language between Donald and Melania Trump

They also said that the reason she didn’t divorce him during the presidency because if she would have done that then, he would have found ways to punish her.  But now when he has lost in the election she is counting every minute to divorce Donald Trump.  When this news came into the media it got into the Frenzy.  The news about Melania to divorce Trump is not new.  In the past, many media outlets have said that this is possible.  Even though they have a 15-year marriage still this problem is arising for one reason or the other. 

According to the law of the USA until Joe Biden is taking the oath he can stay in the white house and Melania to divorce trump is taking some time in this regard.

Melania refuses to hold Trump’s hand stepping off Air Force One

From time to time Melania Trump has been asked the question about her husband, and in most of the things she disagreed with him.  Even on the media, there have been some interviews of Melania trump in which she has objected to the decisions of her husband. She might be claiming that she has a great relationship with her husband but in reality, it is a transactional marriage. 

Donald Trump has been Married Three Times and Melania is the third wife.  With both the previous wives Donald Trump had divorced.   If the decision of Melania to divorce Trump happens, then she would be the third wife of Donald Trump to do this thing.

Donald Trump appears to tell Melania to smile in front of the media

Melania Trump and Donald Trump don’t have their children but they are upbringing the child of his previous wives.  Maybe this is the reason she doesn’t want to live with him or maybe she was the gold Digger who only wanted the money from him.  but founding that he is not only rich but also a disgrace to humanity at least by the words used for the immigrants (  which she is also part of)  she is willing to divorce Trump as soon as possible. 

 As soon as Donald Trump is going to leave the White House this problem might be in front of him until she decides otherwise. 

Did Melania Trump Swat President Trump’s Hand Again?

This information has come into the media from her ex aides but from the international all local news there has been no confirmation. Maybe the fans of Donald Trump don’t want it but when he is going to leave the White House in January 2021 maybe we are going to find something related to this which might be beneficial for him or will not be. 

Even in the 2016 election, she was burst into tears when Donald Trump has won the election.  She took more than five months to transfer from their house to the White House.

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