Madonna in troubles with Malawi’s Education Minister over school plans

Madonna has taken her passion and love for Malawi to another level. She not only adopted her youngest son in the country but also she is committed to implement several educational projects in the country, including the construction of a school for girls.

She started building the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls last April, however she recently decided to implement some changes to the initial construction plans, including the construction of more than one educational institution. Apparently, the Material Girl didn’t report accordingly to the Government and they are kind of mad.

Education minister Peter Mutharika tells Britain’s The Guardian, “We’d like to know why she has changed (her plans). Yes, we do appreciate that it is her project; she devised it and she knows best how to implement it. But still, as government, we’d be interested to know why there is this change. “He continues: “I honestly don’t know the number of schools she is going to construct, where she will build and for how long. So until we talk to her, we can’t comment much.”

Interesting…If I have to take sides, I believe that Malawi’s government should give the lady a break and ease her way as much as possible.

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