Louie Spence: Joe McElderry is brave

The Pineapple star, who knows a thing or two about batting for the other side, also said that he knew Joe was gay right from the beginning.

“I really admire him for what he’s done. Considering his age, its so brave,” said Louie. “I don’t think I could’ve done it – not that I had a choice, to be honest. Not very easy for me to stay in the closet! But I think he’s amazing, and it really makes a difference for young gay men struggling with issues. Hopefully one day it won’t even be an issue.”

The idea of Louie Spence being in the closet is about as feasible as James Gandolfini being a “secret eater”.

Louie also makes the point that he was never fooled by Joe’s earlier protestations that he was straight. “Of course I could tell from the word go he was gay,” said Louie. “Most gay men could, but it doesn’t mean he wasn’t brave to confirm it.”

It may not have just been the gay men Louie. The straight men could also tell. As could the straight women. And gay women.

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