Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90 days jail

Wilder, however, insisted he is “100 percent behind Lindsay.” “We are proud to have this remarkable artist work on our film,” he told the Associated Press. (Wilder has yet to respond to EW’s calls for comment.)

And though 20th Century Fox and director Robert Rodriguez declined to comment about how Lohan’s jail sentence might affect the marketing of their upcoming Machete, the production companies behind some of Lohan’s other possible films have admitted that the actress’ July 20 jail date might have a ripple effect behind-the-scenes. 

John Edmonds Kozma, one of the producers behind Bang Productions and Lost Colony Entertainment’s One Night With You, told EW that production on the film could be pushed back six months to a year, due to Lohan’s sentence. “Now it just comes down to if she could be bonded,” he says. “So things are up in the air, whether we can even make the film. It’s all pending on the outcome.

 We probably won’t be able to determine anything until she gets out, and see what direction she’s headed at that point.”

David Von Roehm, a producer for The Dry Gulch Kid, told EW that since Lohan was not officially cast in the film yet, the “situation has no bearing on our decisions.” Luck Films — the production company behind Dry Gulch — has no plans to offer Lohan’s role to anyone else, though. “We think she is a great actress and hope her current temporary situation is resolved in time for our production,” Roehm says.

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