Lindsay Lohan sentence shortened to 14 days

Surely this is a pleasant surprise for the actress who was taken in custody yesterday and booked into the Lynwood correctional facility around 10 am in the morning. So now her release date is set for the 2nd of August, instead of some 3 months later.

And apart from that, things are looking up for the actress, as she is all set to make a major comeback while still being lodged behind bars. As her clothing line is all set to debut on the 30th of July. Sadly Lindsay wouldn’t be a part of the launch, but the industry people say that her clothing line is set to bring in $5 million by the end of the year.

And that is not all, because she would also be giving her post-jail interviews that are said to be worth in the $1 million bracket. She was going through a bad financial time and things are certainly looking rosy for the star now, at least financially.

According to Jason Buckland, “It’s amazing to think that someone like Lohan could actually profit from her time in a correctional facility. One thing clear: It pays to be dysfunctional.

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