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Katy Perry Is Expecting A Daughter While Expecting To Move To Australia!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom will soon become parents. Here’s all that you should know about their future plans!

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are expecting a baby girl any-time soon! Katy Perry believes that she is going to be an amazing mother. Here’s all that you need to know about their pregnancy journey, pregnancy plans, as well as her wedding plans!

Katy Perry at the age of 35 will welcome her first child with the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor! Orlando Bloom already has a nine-year-old son who lives in Australia, but he is thrilled about becoming a father to a baby girl.

Katy Perry pregnancy

After getting to know everyone in Orlando’s life and after getting to experience Australian life by first-hand, Katy Perry had also thought about moving to Australia.

These two got engaged in February 2019, and have been planning their marriage ever since. However, it seems like something always comes up whenever they’re making their huge plans. They’ve postponed their wedding date three times by now due to media, COVID, and now their pregnancy.

However, the couple plans on getting married by the end of the year after things settle down and go back to normal.

Katy Perry will give birth to a baby girl in a matter of weeks (she will probably be a Leo) and right after that, she will pack her bags and move to Australia! Does this seem like a good move to you? Do you support her actions?

A) I fully support her actions. She knows what’s best for her and her baby girl, so why not move across the world and enjoy her time?

B) I wouldn’t move to Australia. It seems like she is just trying to please Orlando. The situation over there isn’t a lot better in regards to COVID than it is in the USA.

C) I don’t really care, I am neutral.

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