Justin Bieber is not looking for a relationship

Canadian Justin Bieber can proudly say that he has achieved many important things in her short yet intense music career.

The sixteen-year old artist has recently opened up about his relationship status and, according to the heartthrob, he is single and not looking to get any girlfriend any time soon: “Girlfriends are trouble at this age,” Bieber told MTV News.

“Girls are fun to hang out with but, like, having that one steady girl… we’re constantly traveling and one girl’s not gonna really [work]. You can’t really have one girl. I don’t really have any crushes at the moment.”

Bieber has so many projects on his plate that he is currently focusing on working and just enjoying as much as possible his teenage days: “The best thing is [that we’re] just teenagers having fun doing what we love,” Justin continued.  “We’re just staying ourselves and remaining humble.”

Ladies, you might want to sit tight as this Canadian is not looking to get serious with anybody any time soon.

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