Justin Bieber Caught On Video While Throwing Eggs at Neighbor’s House!

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What the hell is going on with Justin Bieber? Judging by his actions you’d think all this guy wants is for the world to hate him and see him like the biggest douchebag ever. Far from the “positivity and brightness” image he pretends to portray.

Wanna know what he did this time? TMZ obtained footage of Bieber throwing eggs at a neighbor’s home on Thursday night in Calabasas.

The alleged victim told reporters that at 7:30 PM he heard banging against his door and when he stepped out on the balcony to see what was happening, there was Bieber egging his house!

The neighbor, who has had previous run-ins with the superstar, claims that once Justin saw him he started throwing the eggs directly at him.

Police was called on the scene and deputies took an incident report.

Below you can watch the video of the whole thing, shot by the neighbor. There’s not much you can tell from the footage, except hearing the verbal dispute between the man and the “Boyfriend” singer, and hear his 13-years-old daughter, who sounds scared, call the police.

Bieber is reportedly a vandalism suspect now.

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What do you think of Justin Bieber egging his neighbor’s house?

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