Joe Jonas and Ashley Green: It’s Over!

It only lasted nine months. One of the most admired couples in young Hollywood, Joe Jonas and Ashley Green, are no longer together, as a spoke person for them has announced to the media. Apparently the reason behind the break up is the extremely busy schedules of the young artists that made them spend a lot of time apart.

Actually Jonas had previously revealed that one of the things that he liked the most about Ashley was her understanding attitude towards his hectic work schedule: “I think what works about it with Ashley is she really puts my feelings first. She understands my busy schedule. She’ll fly out to my shows – she’s been to places in South America that I can’t even pronounce.”

Maybe she just got over his lifestyle or his lack of geography knowledge…Anyway, the truth of the matter is that it’s over between them and for sure there are millions of teenagers around the world very happy to see their idol “girlfriendless.”

Jonas has been notorious for being a ladies’ man. His list of conquers include Taylor Swift –she broke up with her over the phone!-, Camilla Belle or Demi Lovato.
Question: Who would be the next girlfriend for Joe? How about Ashley? Let the betting game begin!

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