Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Oscars Purse Contained Snacks

jennifer lawrence oscar purse snacks


Usually this kind of posts stars with ‘You’ll never guess what this celebrity was carrying in her purse!’, but since this is Jennifer Lawrence we’re talking about,  this is not case. It was snacks, she was carrying snacks.

JLaw, who graciously fell at the Oscars again, looked gorgeous in a red Dior dress styled with a Ferragamo clutch and diamond jewelry. And in her Ferragamo purse she had snacks, US Weekly reports.

The ‘Catching Fire’ star revealed that she was carrying Pop Rocks and Slim Jims in her purse.

When I’m presenting, I’m going to pour them into my mouth,” she joked. “I’m just as hungry and my feet still hurt,” the blonde star told Us. “I’ve got a Slim Jim and protein bar… and Pop Rocks.”

Of course, this isn’t something we didn’t already know about Lawrence. She previously told an interviewer that she was thinking about french fries while on the red carpet, she ruined her ‘American Hustle’ dress with Doritos, and let’s not forget the “cakewalk” thing at the 2013 Oscars.

Jennifer Lawrence, 2014 academy awards Jennifer Lawrence, 2014 Academy Awards

Are you surprised by Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscars purse contents?

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