Jennifer Lawrence On ER Stomach Pains: ‘You can only sh*t your pants so many times’

Jennifer Lawrence at 'Catching Fire' Los Angeles Premiere


Jennifer Lawrence is back with a funny and uncensored story. The “Catching Fire” actress appeared on Letterman‘s show on Wednesday (Nov. 20) and opened up about her recent ER scare.

Jennifer revealed that she was forced to cancel several appearances due to “this really bad [stomach] pain for, like, three weeks.

And you know you can only s**t your pants so many times a day before you go to the emergency room, before you’re like ‘I need to go to the hospital.‘” she added.

She jokingly explained that “I thought I had an ulcer, but it turns out it was a ‘fulcer’“.

Lawrence went on to reveal that she had to undergo a endoscopy and that she was put to sleep: “I just did this thing yesterday called an endoscopo-something, where they put you to sleep,” she revealed. “And the woman – it’s pretty clear when you first meet me, I’m a freakin’ head case and I’m crazy – so I’m in there like, ‘Ugh, what are these?! What do they mean?! What does that say?!’

While under the effect of the anesthesia, JLaw had an interesting dream: “I dreamed there was a nuclear bomb that went off…And the first lucid conversation I remember having was about the Kardashians!

Happy she’s feeling much better now.

What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence’s ER Scare?

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Jennifer Lawrence at 'Catching Fire' Los Angeles Premiere Jennifer Lawrence at 'Catching Fire' Los Angeles Premiere

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