Jay-Z wants to run for US President

Hip-hop mogul has given a very revealing interview to BBC News. Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter has shown very confident about becoming president of the United States: “Give me a chance. Maybe in eight years, I’ll be the president.”

The rapper was also asked his opinion about the Administration of the current President Barak Obama:

“In order to judge someone, you have to judge what they inherit. He inherited the worst economy, war, just a horrible time in American history. So if we think he can solve that, I mean, we don’t think he’s God, do we?” He continued: “He’s a human being. He’s going to need time to figure that out. In order to get to that sort of success and that dream, you have to go through some peaks and valleys. It’s been two years.”

Jay-Z comes from a very tough neighborhood in New York, where he grew up. So that he finds “mind-blowing” the fact that he gets to meet with political leaders such as Bill Clinton or Barak Obama.

A man with a dream…let’s see what happens!

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