Jay Z and Eminem took Detroit’s stage by storm

The city of Detroit witnessed a historic 2-night stand hip-hop concert that gathered the biggest names in the genre.

Jay Z, who has been on a very profitable tour throughout US during last year –which, made him top the Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Kings list- came back to Detroit to put together one of the greatest hip hop shows ever.

Beyonce’s husband was not alone for the ride. 50 Cents, D-12 or G-Unit delivered high-power performances that amazed the devoted crowd congregated at the Baseball Park.
However one of the most remarkable moments of the concert was when Detroit-born Eminem hit the stage to perform some of his greatest tunes.” He started off with a “Detroit, I’m back. Did you miss me or what?” He literally burned down the house while rapping classic tracks like: “The Way I Am” and “Cleanin’ Out My Closet.”

Now, the climax of the show arrived when Jay-Z joined Eminem on stage and the audience went literally crazy.

Lady Gaga didn’t want to miss this historic event and she could have been seen among the audience singing along the vibrant tunes.

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