Jason Biggs Slams Coffee Chain For ‘Exploitive’ Paul Walker Tip Jars

Jason Biggs slams jar tips inspired by Paul Walker death


It so sad and outrageous that some are trying to cash in or gain popularity by exploiting the tragic death of Paul Walker.

After just two days ago it has been discovered that someone set up a fake Facebook page for the late actor’s daughter Meadow Walker, Jason Biggs pointed out via Twitter that a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf cafe in Los Angeles is trying to capitalize on Walker‘s death.

The ‘American Pie‘ star slammed the coffee chain for using Paul Walker-inspired tip jars labeled “Varsity Blues” and “Fast and Furious“, the names of two of the late actor’s most famous movies.

Upset by the discovery, Biggs posted a photo of the jars and called out the coffee shop.


As soon as the actor’s post became viral, the company took to Twitter to issue an apology.

 Jason Biggs and Paul Walker starred together in the movie “Eight Below“.

What do you think of the coffee shop’s Paul Walker tip jars?

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