Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunctioning Case Resurfaces

On Tuesday the 3rd U.S Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia has reopened the case. It will now look into the matter and decide whether the fine levied by FCC Federal Communications Commission in 2004 was a right decision.

The wardrobe malfunctioning occurred back in the year 2004, at the Super Bowl, when Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson were performing on stage during the halftime. The performance was being live telecast when while singing, Justin Timberlake stripped off a portion of Janet Jackson’s top which revealed one of her breast almost. Although the incident was aired only for a fleeting second the FCC had charged CBS with huge fine. However, the case was later dismissed by the court which said that the case does not stand strong as the action occurred only for half a second.

On Tuesday the case was put to bench again to decide whether the FCC fine is allowable or not after a judge in the year 2009 asked to revise the decision. FCC on Tuesday claimed that it has warned the CBS Network that the performers should not end up doing something which could be outrageous. On the other hand, CBS complained that FCC had previously in many occasions allowed to pass such incidents unnoticed where the script went haywire. If found guilty chances are there that the company will have to bear the hefty fine a number of years after the incident took place.

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