Janet Jackson to replace Michael on the Jackson 5 reunion

Michael Jackson has been gone for a while now; however he will always remain on the heart and memories of millions of fans. Actually he might never be totally gone, since his artistic legacy will live forever.

Those who miss him the most are his family for sure. During all these months, his brothers and sisters have been brainstorming new projects to keep Michael’s memory alive. It’s not an easy move though.

The family has had conversations with producers and networks to create a reality show featuring how they cope with Jacko’s loss.

However, it looks like the project they want to work on is the Jackson 5 reunion. And Janet Jackson will be replacing Michael, as Jermaine revealed:

“Janet will be joining us. We’re all talking about it now. She has never played with us before so that will be very special. She definitely wants to do it. We had a conference call and Janet has agreed to join us on tour.”

Janet expressed her happiness about being part of the band, even though it would’ve been difficult for Michael to digest:

“I know it’s been kind of tough for Mike. Maybe he just wants to continue to be a solo artist and if that’s what he wants, you have to respect his wishes. But what an impact it (a reunion) would have on the world. (I’d) be the first in line to buy a ticket.”
So would we!


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