iPhone, Blackberry or Android – What camp are the celebs in?

Whatever camp you are in it always makes you feel better to know that others agree with you, especially if they happen to be or Beyonce. Celebrities often adorn their phone with diamond encrusted features or trendy accessories but what we wanted to find out was what camp do the major music stars mainly sit in? Is it the trendy iPhone? The fashionable blackberry? Or the techie Android?

iPhone: It is not often an average Joe can afford to walk around with the same product as uber celebrities, musicians and sports stars but if there is one item that bridges that gap successfully it is the iPhone. Celebrity iPhone sightings are common; the Material Girl herself likes her material possessions to be none other than the iPhone and Mr Cool, Pharrell Williams, has one, even if it happens to be gold plated.

Blackberry: The Blackberry is a must have amongst the fashion and music scene of Hollywood. Numerous Hollywood stars, are all sporting the Smart and trendy BlackBerry phones. The sleek and stylish array of cell phone models adds beauty to the already glamorous celebrities. Notable musicians who are situated firmly in the Blackberry camp are Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.

Android: Although they may not be as popular as the iPhone or Blackberry the android has a cult following. Celebrities that like these devices are clearly not technophobes and embrace the latest in cutting edge technology.  Slowly but surely the Android phone is reaching the public eye and it won’t take too long before more celebrities start to join the Android revolution.

Whose camp are you in? Are you a big advocate of the iPhone or Blackberry mobile phones? Or are you an Android user? Let us know your thoughts below.

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