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Iggy Azalea makes EVERYONE knows she has NO Sex Tape going around! Check out the deeds here!

If you were already making any ideas that you were going to have a change to see Azalea’s bare butt… think again loser!
We’ve previously told you that Vivid Entertainment was claiming they had seen footage of Iggy and her ex.

Asides from the fact that Iggy Azalea is READY to sue anyone who tries to ruin her hard work to be where she is now, she also went on to Twitter and let EVERYONE know what her thoughts were regarding the matter:

She said:



POW POW! She Killed it!

Well obviously Miss Azalea won’t let anyone step on her or try to use a woman’s nudity to make profit ! And we second her words, someone’s private life is going a lil too far!

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