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I want to marry Prince Harry… English Royalty has a reality show?!

I was just here all comfortable siting and waiting for this to happen, but nope hold your hourses. The Queen would never allow such thing! Of course we would love to see something like this happen,, but they crown would have to be fully in bankrupt to pull thisstunt.

I’m sorry to pop your bubble, but.. HELLO?!?!

Who would actually believe that Prince Harry would ever go on a reality show seeking for the love of his life? He has all the reasons to have ANY girl on the planet.. well at least most of the girls of the planet! We do understand it is a very well prepared show, the guy really looks like him and all, the level or realism is without a doubt a complete dream and will leave anyone awed at such experience, but come on, you don’t have to be so bright to know it! 

Prince Harry


English royalty were even a bit surprised that Kate Middleton actually made it, so do not expect Harry bringing a waitress home to the Queen!

I want to marry Harry

But before we go on and start searching of this show i’ll give you a few details, the con artist name is Matt Hicks and he’s he’s 25 and he’s a Enviromental Consultant and even though he has a british accent he was actually born in Papua New Guinea! The location selected to film the show is a 400 year old British country house.


In an interview Matt expressed to be very surprised about the girls being so loud and amused at all times, and it almost as if they had on inner voice! Quite a good sense of humor!


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( Photos Thanks to Fox Website )

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