Glee Report: Paul McCartney and Susan Boyle to join the show

The Glee phenomenon is something that is already part of TV history and Music history as well, why not…

Actually some of the greatest music artists of all times are dying to be included on some of the episodes of the FOX TV show.

Coldplay was initially reluctant to include their catalog on the show, but after careful considerations, they accepted.

Now Paul McCartney and British sensation Susan Boyle are the latest talent acquisitions of the sitcom.

Boyle, who achieved international recognition after winning UK’s British Got Talent, will make an appearance on the Christmas episode to play a cook.

On the other hand, Sir Paul McCartney, who is a devoted fan of the show, sent to Ryan Murphy –the master mind behind Glee- a package containing some of his songs. Murphy was thrilled: “I was gobsmacked. I grew up with that guy. So, of course, we are going to do something.”


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