Ghiis in the top 10 Radio Group Rankings of the Andean Community

GHIIS has many reasons to feel grateful and demonstrate that music is her passion and in her Facebook and Twitter the singer appeared in a recent note: “always took the music in their blood … singing and dancing are part of my life. ” Highlight thanks God for the gift, to the public for the love who are inspired to move forward.

The recognition he received the prestigious interpreter Ghiis as “Revelation Female Musical” award from the Latin Awards in the city of New York in its third edition, highlights the achievements and positive impact Talent obtained within the Latino society in the United States. Outstanding achievements and talents as well in “Los Premios Estrella Music Award” and various entities that have enabled it to maintain a merit in the musical importance nationally and internationally.

Her charm, voice, beauty, energy, dance, chemistry with the audience and career have resulted in a good and continuous dissemination in the television, radio, writing, online .. attributes that would not pass the world famous Dominican imitator Julio Sabala and take her in his 2005-2006 tour representing Peru in various Central American countries (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras ..) and U.S. cities. Meet friends at the renowned Chilean singer Alberto Plaza, share with other renowned international artists and Peruvians.

We have recently seen driving a television program focused on Film and ranked programs promoting her latest single “El Amor es una Rosa” (The Love is a Rose) from Latin Pop fusion genre Texmex recorded under the authorization of Peermusic Peru at MCA Studios and released under the independent label with which she works, Sandhaus Management Group led by the Producer and Manager Jimmy Sandhaus.

The Video Clip Film Format recorded reached in less than a month to 10 thousand views on YouTube. “El Amor es una Rosa” (The Love is a Rose) performed by singer Ghiis found within 10 favorites for three consecutive weeks in the group of the Andean Community Radio, Radio CAN (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia – associated countries: Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay).

It is known that the topic under Peermusic Chile also successfully interpreted by the famous Chilean singer “Nazareno” Cumbia version.

Ghiis currently is in the realization of their second album and will soon be conducting a second international tour, soon hopes to visit Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Panama and the United States again.

Can follow the outstanding performer in all Internet social networks: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.

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