Foo Fighters will hit the recording studios in September

Foo Fighters’ members are preparing a new album and will hit the studios in September. Dave Grohl, leader of the band, made the happy announcement to BBC during the Independent Spirit Award ceremony hosted this weekend in Los Angeles.

“Foo Fighters have just started writing and we’re going to start recording in September so life is full of music,” said Grohl.

The new album will be their 7th studio album which will follow Echoes, Silence and Grace released back in 2007.

The multifaceted musician, he plays guitar and drummer, is keeping himself very busy as he is also writing for Them Crooked Vultures, band that includes on the line-up rock and roll heavyweights like Led Zeppelin’s John Paul-Jones and Josh Homme from Queens of The Stone Age.

During the ceremony, Grohl was in charge of introducing Anvil to the stage before they presented their Best Documentary gong. Grohl talked wonders about the movie:
“I cried like 15 times,” he confessed. “I was weeping not because it’s sad or depressing but because it’s so inspiring.”

He also highlighted the similarities between his story with Nirvana back in the days and Anvil’s: “The music I played wasn’t commercially viable I just did it because I loved doing it.

“I’d work all week and at the weekends I’d get to play and if I went on tour I’d quit my job and then I’d get home and beg for my job back. And you know what, I got really lucky.”
Grohl truly recommends the movie to musicians struggling to make it one day.

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