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Enrique Iglesias Talks Touring With J.Lo

Enrique Iglesias stopped by iHeart Radio and offered a bit of info about his live performances, pre-show rituals and, topic of the day, touring with Jennifer Lopez.

“When I step on stage, there’s not just one feeling. It’s a lot of things going through your head. There’s times when you feel a little bit insecure, there’s times when you feel you’re overwhelmed, there’s times when you feel like you got it under control but you truly never do. But there’s one thing that you must always remember is to have fun”, Enrique said.

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“If you’re in a bad mood and you’re op on stage, fans are gonna notice. The people are gonna notice. And you’re up on stage and you’re having a good time, you’re in a good mood and you pinch yourself and you say ‘Man I can’t believe I’m getting, I’m doing what I love’ and you try to make every feel like it’s the last show you’re ever gonna put on”, he added.

The “Hero” singer also discussed how it’s like to tour with J.Lo: “It’s always chaotic the first few shows, but after, when things get going it’s definitely worth it”.

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Have you been to any of Enrique Iglesias‘ live shows?

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