Eminem and Christina Aguilera big-time roles on Entourage Season Finale

It was a pretty busy Sunday for those who love pop culture, as the celebration of the VMAs and the Season Finale of Entourage were aired almost at the same time.

About the TV Show, we already knew that Christina Aguilera was going to make a cameo on the last episode. Super agent Ari Gold hired the Genius in a Bottle hitmaker to sing her wife’s favorite song Beautiful, at a private party to celebrate her birthday.

What it was supposed to be a cool and sophisticated party, it turned out to be a disaster, and Aguilera’s powerful voice ended up back grounding sad conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Gold.

What it was quite a surprise was Eminem’s cameo, who also played a pretty crucial role on the last episode as the rapper and Vince have more that words on a sexy party at L.A. Roosevelt Hotel .

It was a great episode which leaves the fans craving badly for the upcoming season of the show.

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