Christina Hendricks in a Broken Bells video

The Mad Men star Christina
Hendricks plays a gorgeous robot at Broken Bells‘ “The Ghost Inside”

Broken Bells is comprised of Shins lead singer James Mercer and Gnarls
Barkley mastermind Danger Mouse, and the song is called “Ghost Inside.”
Mercer recently told Entertainment Weekly he couldn’t believe Hendricks
agreed to be in the video.

As you’ll see, “The Ghost Inside” includes more costumes and special
effects than you’ll find in the entire Shins videography put together.
“This is like our song showing up in a stretch Hummer,”

This is not the first that Hendricks plays a part in a sci fi story, she
was present in a couple of episodes of the canceled show Firefly

Broken Bells is formed by Brian Burton (better known as Danger Mouse)
and James Mercer, the lead vocalist of  The Shins. They decided to work
together after meeting at the Roskilde Festival, a Danish music
festival, in 2004 and finding they were fans of each other’s work. “The
High Road” was their debut single released last month. “The Ghost
Inside”  is the first video.

Its possible to watch the video in several sites and in the band page
and via iTunes.

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