Chicago woman becomes SECOND confirmed case of coronavirus


A woman in her 60s has got the Coronavirus to affect who traveled to China, where the virus originated in late December. According to news, she reached Chicago on 13 January from China and when she was tested, she was affected but she was stable.

The city of Wuhan is on lock down and no one can come in or who can go out.

According to the officials in America, around 63 people have been tested in 22 states in America, 43 people have been in contact with the First confirmed U.S. Patient.


The president of America, President Trump has praised the effort of China to contain the coronavirus. According to the CEO of Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations in Davos, Switzerland, Dr. Richard Hatchett in 20 years of Working on epidemic Preparedness, I have not been more concerned about this virus as I am now.

According to him, 897 people who are infected maybe don’t know they are infected, and they will spread the virus around. The people who have the little flu in the flu season will take it lightly, and they will move around and this will spread the virus very easy and very quick, reported the Detroit Free Press.

Two University students are also monitored who are from Texas and Tennessee University. According to local officials, the student from taxes have the symptoms which are related to Coronavirus and that is why he has been kept in isolation according to information.

According to the doctor, the patient recently traveled to China in the last 14 days and had upper respiratory problems which are improving by the day. The student from Tennessee has also traveled to China and according to local officials, they are testing him or her.

Because the square around Los Angeles Airport was also on lock down when it was reported that one passenger got ill when he reached the airport, and according to information, he was coming from Mexico City but there is no confirmation that he came from Mexico City or any other City.

The US has announced that they will remove all the diplomat from Wuhan consulate and has announced the most extreme travel advisory which was in the past only for North Korea and Iran.


The very first patient of the USA has been in Washington state and even though he traveled to China, there was no symptom on him even when he came back to America. But after reading the information on the Internet, the patient thought and consulted with his doctor. According to the local officials the person was diagnosed on January 20 with the virus and he is quarantine

Authorities are making sure that there is no panic around, and they are saying everything is in control. Only some have treated the patient of the doctors and officials, and robots are working on him while the doctors are communicating with him

Dr. Diaz who is treating the patient, has said to see that there is no confirmation when the patient will be discharged, but we will communicate whenever we get the update information. They are looking for ongoing Presence of the virus and will update when the patient is no more contagious.

According to information, the virus has spread from snakes to humans but there have been some cases where the virus has spread from humans to humans even in the doctors who were treating the Neurosurgery patient has all been affected. Even the person has been affected. The patient for the Coronavirus has been seen in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia America, Columbia, the Philippines, and many other countries

The Coronavirus is Very dangerous because it doesn’t show you the symptoms very early. Also, there is no vaccine to treat this problem and that is why the problem and the virus have been spreading around. The creation of the vaccine is it a preliminary condition.

The US department says that it has issued the travel advisory to the people that do not travel to this place because of the coronavirus. China has suspended the air and rail travel around Wuhan, and that is to contain the coronavirus inside.

Public Health screens are installed in Chicago Airport, New York airport, Los Angeles Airport and many other airports in America

The mayor of New York has said that they are predicting at least one patient from York will be affected by the coronavirus, and they are taking it very seriously.

He was saying that there is no confirmation that there is someone in the city who will be infected, but because of the virus spread around, we can assume that the news is coming soon.

The mayor has said that all the hospitals in the city have been trained according to the virus, and all the officials are on high alert if there is any signal of the virus.

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