Carlos Santana’s New “Shape Shifter”

Icon, legendary, virtuoso, humanitarian and activist are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the great Carlos Santana. Since 1969 when he exploded onto the global stage in Woodstock ’69, to his massively successful production “Supernatural,” Santana has riveted millions of fans around the world. And through his Milagro Foundation, he’s impacting the lives of children and young kids via education, the arts and health.

Now he’s just released his latest album “Shape Shifter,” of which he says, “It touches upon music that you might not normally hear on hit radio. But, it is music that will touch every sense.” The album is an all-instrumental production with the exception of one track that features lead vocalists from his band Andy Vargas and Tony Lindsay. “Shape Shifter” is yet another must have Santa album!

Carlos Santa chats about his new album “Shape Shifter” in an exclusive interview on Only Acceso Total. It’s definitely a must see!

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