Britney Spear pleads court to remove the father’s control from her life

Britney Spears asks court to remove fathers control from personal and professional life

Britney Spears requests that the court remove the father’s control from her professional and personal life, and it is getting out of hand, and now she can handle everything on her own. Almost all of her fans believe that their favorite singer is being kept a detainee by her dad and is imparting obscure signs asking to be liberated from his control.

Britney Spears needs her dad to be expelled as she thinks she can manage everything on her own now. She says that the time she gave her dad control and custody over everything was a different era. She was young and immature back then, but now that she is a grown-up girl, it’s time to remove the father’s control.

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In front of a court hearing in Los Angeles on Wednesday, the 38-year-old pop star’s legal counselor recorded archives saying that the artist’s father is restricting her of some of her rights, which is wrong and quick action must be taken against it.

Jamie Spears, father of Britney Spears, took charge of her personal and professional life when things were going rough for her. She got admitted to a hospital for mental treatment and couldn’t handle herself. That’s when her dad got involved, but now that the star is fine, she wants things to go back to normal in a way that all of her accounts are given back to her.

After a lifelong rebound, the Toxic vocalist pulled out of a Las Vegas show residency a year ago and quickly entered an emotional well-being office. She has not performed openly since October 2018, and the court said it was her own choice not to perform any of her shows yet. All of this fiasco took a massive toll on Britney, and she turned to the Internet to seek help. Her pledge against her father went viral with a few hours, and the internet broke with #FreeBritney hashtags.

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Her fans accept that she is being kept a detainee and is imparting enigmatic signs asking to be liberated through her online media accounts, in hopes of getting some help. The fans welcomed her demand and are planing a show outside the midtown Los Angeles town hall on Wednesday to show her support to Britney.

Jamie Spears has excused the #FreeBritney movement as a joke. He says that Britney herself, as well as her fans, know nothing. The decision is up to the court whether they want to take charge of me or not. I will accept whatever the court decides as I know they will make a decision that is good for my daughter Britney. What happens between me and she is no one else’s business. Even by hearing all of this, Britney Spears fans are not satisfied. They are ready to take a stab and go to any extreme to remove the father’s control from her private and professional business. Soon enough, the court will make a decision, and everyone will find out what exactly is happening in the star’s life.

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