Abba and The Cardigans will be Katy Perry’s inspiration for her upcoming album

It must not be easy for Katy Perry to get back to the recording studio. She had a great success with her first album “One of the boys,”- that included hits like ‘Ur So Gay’, ‘Hot n Cold’ or ‘Thinking of You’- so when it comes to producing the next one, the pressure is on.

However the pop star is managing the situation just fine. Perry wants to create a new album with a stronger dance vibe.

“When I went on tour, as much as I love all the in-between songs, I felt I was missing some of the stuff that made people bounce up and down,” Kate revealed.”I really love that feeling when people are all jumping in unison.”

Abba and The Cardigans’ music are playing a major inspirational role on Perry’s new work.
Also, song writer Dr. Luke, the man behind the hit “I Kissed the Girl,” revealed that has already written six songs for Katy’s new album.

The countdown just began!

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