There’s Some Controversy Over Britney’s New Video ‘Perfume’

Britney Spears Perfume video controversy


Britney Spears just premiered her new music video for “Perfume” and there’s already some controversy regarding the version aired by the singer’s team.

The “Perfume” video was a highly-anticipated one because, oh well, it’s a Britney video, and because it was directed by Joseph Kahn, the mastermind behind the “Toxic“, “Womanizer” and “Stronger” videos. So the expectations were high.

However, once the video premiered and it showed the story of a love triangle, Britney, her man and a brunette girl named Cindy, the overall response was that people wanted more. They expected more. Especially since there were some on-set photos featuring Spears shooting a gun.

But the aired version only shows a sad Britney crying over her boyfriend’s cheating.

Director Kahn took to Twitter to share his frustration over the aired version of the clip.

Looks like the director’s tweets worked their magic because fans have created a petition to have the director’s cut released. If you want to see “Perfume” video as Joseph Kahn wanted you to see it, sign the petition here.

Meantime, enjoy the watered-down version of Britney‘s new video!

Do you want to see the director’s cut?

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