Sir Mick Jagger on legalization of Marihuana

Rolling Stones’ frontman, the legendary rocker Mick Jagger seems to have a very solid position towards the legalization of drugs in order to avoid the violence that surrounds the traffic that of those substances.

Jagger, who during the sixties has been arrested many times for possession of drugs, now has come to realize that this might be a doable solution and it looks like he has also mapped out the strategy, as he explained to Larry King on his CNN show:

“The whole question of legalising drugs is fraught,” Sir Mick revealed to the American host. “You usually try these things out in very small places. You know, like you try a new product out in a small kind of society or an island somewhere. In England they always try out new mobile phones in the Isle of Man. They’ve got a captive society. So I said, you should try – you should try the legalization of all drugs on the Isle of Man and see what happens.”

Isle of Man, is a little island situated on the Ireland see, however it is a British territory.
Jagger continued explaining his thoughts about human tendency of trying drugs and the string of violence that this consume might trigger: “Human beings seem to have a propensity to want to take drugs in some form. But then what do you do when it affects so many people’s lives, and not in a good way? And then also you get a lot of violence at both ends of the scope. So you get violence in some countries. That’s the part that speaks to some sort of legalization. Because that, you would hope, would help the violence from both ends of the supply line.”

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