Nicki Minaj Posts Naked Shower Selfies With Wet Hair & No Makeup

nicki minaj makeupless naked shower photo


Nicki Minaj continues to unveil what she’s been hiding under all those crazy wigs and out-of-these world outfits.

Last month she showed fans her real hair, no perm, no extensions, and now she has posted on Instagram a series of selfies where she can be admired without any makeup on, while posing naked in her bathroom.

Fans also get a good look at the rapper’s real hair, in its wet form.

Nicki did not add any captions for the pics, but she did tweet that after four years, she’s letting her hair relax and be natural.

When fans asked her why she’s letting her hair air dry after all these years, Minaj replied “It takes too much time to do it. Too much blow drying.

She also revealed that she has an upcoming hair products line out and was testing them to show off the results.

Plus I got new hair products Coming out so I gotta show u guys how well they work. Lmfao

No word of why she was naked though.

Check out the rest of the racy pics below!

nicki minaj shower photo instagram nicki minaj shower photo selfie nicki minaj shower photo

What do you think of Nicki Minaj’s naked shower selfies?

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