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Justin Bieber To Meet Fan With Rare Condition

Justin Bieber continues to do good.

The “Boyfriend” hitmaker promised to meet a fan who suffers from one of the rarest condition on the planet.

11 years-old Megan Ham was diagnosed with Lissencephaly shortly after birth. Doctors told her parents that she will never be able to walk, talk or express emotions or recognize her parents.

Despite her condition, Megan is able to recognize and express joy when hearing and seeing Justin Bieber.

“It really helps her to get through the day. It keeps her happy and it keeps her comfortable”, her teacher said.

Justin heard the girl’s story and will meet her when he will visit Portland for an upcoming concert.

“MEGAN you stay strong for me and I’m gonna make sure we meet when i come to Portland. Love you and Thank you :)”, he tweeted.

What do you think of Justin Bieber‘s good intentions?

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