Chris Brown completes his domestic violence course

It seems Chris Brown is a better person now. This is because the rapper has completed the mandatory domestic violent course that the court slapped on him for assaulting Rihanna last year.

The singer posted the picture of the certificate that he was presented with on his Twitter account. He wanted the whole world to know that he has indeed changed.

He added the following words, “i have enough self respect and decency to be proud of accomplishing this DV class.. Boyz run from there mistakes.. Men learn from them.”

It is at least good that he Brown has managed to complete the 52-week program. As he mentioned in the Twitter account, it is hoped that he has learned enough about what happened to be a better person now.

When the incident happened in the 29th day of February last year, Brown received a lot of criticism for physically assaulting Rihanna. It also helped skyrocket Rihanna’s image to new heights. Seems Brown can now ask his fans to forgive him now. He has to earn that though because more eyes will be watching his every move now.

By completing the Domestic Violence, Brown has completed the sentence that the court slapped on him.

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