Who’s Lindsay Lohan replacement for movie Inferno?

We recently reported that Lindsay Lohan got fired from the movie Inferno as the director and producer ran out of patience with her and couldn’t take the complications anymore.

We can imagine how frustrated Lindsay can be. She just missed a great role. However I have to say that I’m happy for the actress that is supposed to replace the Mean Girls’ star. Her name is Malin Akerman, 32-year-old actress that got very popular in the role of Sloan’s best friend in Entourage on the famous threesome episode.

Malin was born in Sweden and raised in Canada. Prior starting her acting career, she worked as a model.

This could be a great opportunity for Akerman to take her acting career to a next level. On the other hand, Lindsay has to focus 200% on her fully recovery. There will be much more opportunities for Lohan coming up.

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