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What Kris Jenner Bought For All Of Her Daughters

Kris Jenner

Wondering what Kris Jenner bought for her daughters this Mother’s Day? Here’s how the mogul surprised her daughters and has spoiled them even more.

How often do you wish for a soothing, relaxing, and rejuvenating massage per week? A lot of us want to feel fresh after our long & hard working hours, but not a lot of us can afford a private masseuse. That’s where Kris Jenner outshines everyone, as the super-rich mom surprises all of her daughters for Mother’s Day with a unique and practical gift!

Kris Jenner ended up buying an insanely expensive foot massager for all of her lovely daughters. She even got one for herself since she couldn’t resist its power and top-performance (as well as all the positive reviews). She felt like this tool had performed better than some certified masseuses, or even some other high-end orthopaedic tools that she had used before (and you know that Jenner’s & Kardashians have seen and tried it all)!

So, if you end up getting such compliments on a massaging tool from Kris Jenner, you can imagine how outstanding it truly is!

Massage tool

Anyone who’s always on their feet would appreciate coming home to their truMedic at the end of the day. However, could you justify its $200 price point? And in Kris Jenner’s case, that is a total of $1,200! She gifted one to Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, Kim, Kendall & she kept one for herself. Is this a lot of money according to you? In fact, would you ever purchase a $200 massager, or surprise someone you love with this item?

A) I don’t usually buy expensive things for myself, so probably not.

B) If I had super painful feet or if I had trouble with walking I would purchase it no matter how pricey it was. It is for health benefits after all.

C) I would spoil myself with this massager or someone that I truly love, why not? Every here and there you should purchase something different & outstanding!

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